Ideas in Motion

July 31, 2006

Ten years ago if I had a free evening I would have rented a VHS or nipped out to see a new movie. I have been reflecting recently about how little I actually do that now. I still enjoy a good evening at the movie theatre or a quiet night watching a DVD but it is more rare than common now. I find myself more tempted to browse online to see what is happening in the world as well as spending random moments surfing YouTube and other content sites to find something interesting.

Recently I was recommended a site that really captured my attention that opened my eyes to how video content is evolving. This site was a Philips Bodygroom ad that got me laughing as well as educating me in the ways of male grooming…

Philips have a story to tell but by developing this site they allow me to read it in a non-linear manner. This new experience of interaction with a product is going to revolutionize advertising into a user driven educational experience. I am looking forward to the next few years of this type of thing as I believe it will help many of us as consumers have a better feel for what we are interested in buying.

The click of the mouse can now lead the direction of the story. This opens up a whole new world of opportunities and turns ideas into motion.